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Why Has Elementor Stopped Working when Activating Safe Mode or Ghost Mode?

There are some situations that could lead to Elementor stop working when activating Safe Mode or Ghost Mode. This might be from the server configuration or the cache.

1. Your server is NGINX. In this case, you need to make sure you follow the instructions to add the new paths in the Nginx config file:

2. You set a new admin path and your server doesn’t support any custom wp-admin. In this case, you need to restore the original wp-admin using the options from: Hide My WP > Change Paths > Admin Security.

3. You set a new REST API path and didn’t clear the cache and CDN, and there are still calls on the old REST API path.

4. If you set a new admin-ajax.php path and the server or the active plugins are not designed to work with it, change the ajax back to default from Hide My WP > Change Paths > Ajax Security

5. One last thing, see if it works when you Switch off the option Hide My WP > Tweaks > Change Options > Change Paths for Logged Users.