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Is there a way to remotely disable Hide My WP Ghost for clients’ websites?

Question: Can I manage my client website by disabling the plugin in the future in a management portal? Or I need to log in to the client site and delete the plugin?

You can manage this from your cloud dashboard and disable access from the SaaS side of Hide My WP Ghost (the cloud app for it).

In the Connected Websites list from your Cloud account, where you see all connected sites, you can delete a site from the list. That will remove their access. There’s no need to log in to the clients’ websites to do this.

The plugin inside their WordPress will tell those customers they need to re-connect and they won’t be able to use it.

RELATED QUESTION: If we delete the website from the main dashboard (Cloud), what happens to the setting and configurations of the installed website? Are they are to retrieve back the same setting if they reactivate the license token? Or do they need to manually perform the import/export method to retain the existing configuration?

To retain an existing configuration – the user will need to use the Backup and Restore method.

Note! If the user didn’t delete the plugin: once the plugin is activated, the user will also see a message to Restore Settings in Hide My WP > Change Paths. If that message doesn’t appear, settings can be restored using Hide My WP > Backup / Restore.

For more details about whitelabel setup, please check out this resource >>