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How does Hide My WP Ghost compare to Cloud Filt?

Based on a quick research:

Hide My WP Ghost is more complex in terms of the security features it offers.

Being the most popular CMS on the internet, WordPress is also the most hacked. Hide My WP Ghost helps you go undetected by hacker bots and prevent WordPress vulnerability exploitation (this targets multiple areas in WordPress that expose your site to attacks; more on this here)

Plus, Hide My WP Ghost allows you to monitor security level and uncover and fix security threats before they become a problem.

That said, it’s important to mention that our purpose is not to replace other security tools but to add an extra layer of protection (not available in the others), in order to prevent hacking attempts.

Instead of focusing on fixing files that were already infected, we focus on hiding the paths that hacker bots use to gain access or inject scripts.

Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t find, so this will automatically increase the level of protection of any WordPress site.