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Will using Hide My WP Ghost impact my SEO / Rankings?

No, using Hide My WP Ghost will have NO impact on your SEO and won’t influence your SEO rankings, because you will have the same public-facing URLs inside your site.

Schema, meta data, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc. will be kept the same inside your site’s source code.

All the images can still be accessed by Google via the old paths so that the indexation of the new paths will not be affected in any way. 

HMWP Ghost doesn’t change/affect the things that play a role in how high you rank on Google (JSON-LD, schemas, Open Graphs, Twitter Cards, meta Title, meta descriptions, etc.) as they are un-related to having WordPress.

Therefore, using Hide My WP Ghost does NOT impact/influence your SEO rankings.

Furthermore, Hide My WP Ghost has compatibilities with all SEO plugins.

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