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Frequently Asked Questions

You are actually purchasing a product as a service, with access to security updates, new features, and fast replies to support requests for one year.

If you choose not to pay yearly, you will still be able to use the plugin but without future support and compatibility updates.

The yearly payment advantage is that you don’t need to worry about security updates and incompatibilities with other plugins because we’ve got your back. And this is why we recommend that you pay yearly.

You can use the free version of the plugin on any number of websites, whether or not they are owned by you.

The Ghost version can be installed on a limited number of websites, and you can transfer your license if you change your website.

This license is limited to the number of websites you use it on. This means that you have to activate the product with a license for each website you want to use a product on. For WordPress Multisite, the license is for the entire network.

Of course! Just deactivate the plugin from the previous domain, and activate it on the new one. You can manage it in your account via Manage License.

We offer a full refund for the first 30 days after purchase, based on our Refund Policy.

The Hide My WP Ghost Lite version offers the basic security options for your website, while the plugin offers you a powerful security level to prevent most of the WordPress attacks made by both humans and bots. More details

You can use PayPal or any credit card to buy the plugin. We use the Paddle gateway, which supports over 45 payment methods

You can save all the settings from the Free version and restore them after you activate Hide My WP Ghost. 

For NGINX servers, you will need to do manual setup through SSH or SFTP to add the rewrite file into nginx.conf and reload the service.

Read the NGINX step-by-step tutorial here:

Note! Contact your host first and ask him if he can help you with it.

The plugin works on almost any WordPress server, but there are a few servers you can’t use Hide My WP Ghost with:

1. Business – doesn’t support a different login path and uses a shared NGINX hosting without the possibility to configure the rewrite rules.

2. Shared NGINX Hosting who doesn’t have the SSH option and refuses to add the Hide My WordPress Ghost config file and reload the NGINX settings.

Yes, you do!

Access the Knowledge Base for more answers or contact us.

To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ page or contact us.


23 Mar 2023 Compatible WP 6.x


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There are more and more plugins you can use to hide the common paths, and you need to consider using the fastest one possible.

With a slow website, your entire website SEO and Security is at risk. So the best thing you can do is opt for Hide My WP Ghost to get increased protection without compromising SPEED.

hide my wp speed
= 7.0.14 (23 Mar 2023) =
* Update - Compatibility with WP 6.2
* Update - Added the option to whitelist URLs
* Update - Added the sub-option to  show a white-screen on Inspect Element for desktop
* Update - Added the options to hook the whitelisted/blacklisted IPs 
* Fixed - small bugs / typos / UI
= 7.0.12 (20 Feb 2023) =
* Compatibile with WP 6.2
* Fixed - Handle the physical custom paths for wp-content and uploads set by the site owner
* Fixed - Compatibility with more plugins and themes
= 7.0.11 (26 Ian 2023) =
* Update - Remove the atom+xml meta from header
* Update - Save all section on backup restore
= 7.0.10 (19 Dec 2022) =
* Update - Remove the noredirect param if the redirect is fixed
* Update - Check the XML and TXT URI by REQUEST_URI to make sure the Sitemap and Robots URLs are identified
* Update - Check the rewrite rules on WordPress Automatic updates too
* Fixed - To remove the version from URL even if the 'ver' param doesn't have any value
* Fixed - Typo in Security Check
= 7.0.05 (22 Nov 2022) =
* Update - Fix login path on different backend URL from home URL
= 7.0.04 (25 Oct 2022) =
* Update - Compatibility with WP 6.1
* Update - Add More security to XML RPC
* Update - Add GeoIP flag in Events log to see the IP country
* Update - Compatibility with LiteSpeed servers and last version of WordPress
= 7.0.03 (20 Oct 2022) =
* Update - Add the Whitelabel IP option in Security Level and allow the Whitelabel IP addresses to pass login recaptcha and hidden URLs
* Fixed - Allow self access to hidden paths to avoid cron errors on backup/migration plugins
* Fixed - White screen on iphone > safari when disable inspect element option is on
= 7.0.02 (28 Sept 2022) =
* Update - Add the Brute Force protection on Register Form to prevent account spam
* Update - Added the option to prioritize the loading of HMWP Ghost plugin for more compatibility with other plugins
* Update - Compatibility with LiteSpeed servers and last version of WordPress
* Update - Compatibility with FlyingPress by adding the hook for fp_file_path on critical CSS remove process
* Fixed - Remove the get_site_icon_url hook to avoid any issue on the login page with other themes
* Fixed - Compatibility with ShortPixel webp extention when Feed Security is enabled
* Fixed - Fixed the ltrim of null error on PHP 8.1 for site_url() path
* Fixed - Disable Inspect Element on Mac for S + MAC combination and listen on Inspect Element window
= 7.0.01 (12 Sept 2022)=
* Update - Added Temporary Login feature
* Fixed - Not to hide the image on login page when no custom image is set in Appearance > Customize > Site Logo
* Update - Compatibility with Nicepage Builder plugin
* Update - Compatibility with WP 6.0.2
= 6.0.24 (29 July 2022)=
* Update - Add Custom Emulator in the website header
* Update - Add Joomla 4 CMS emulator
= 6.0.23 (25 July 2022)=
* Update - Compatibility with the last version of Flywheel including Redirects
* Fix - Don't show brute force math error for pages where the Brute Force is not loaded
* Fix - Compatibility with Breakdance plugin
* Fix - Fixed the ltrim of null error on PHP 8.1 for site_url() path
= 6.0.22 (28 June 2022)=
* Fix - URL Mapping for Nginx servers to prevent 404 pages
* Fix - PHP error in Security Check when the X-Powered-By header is not string
* Fix - Compatibility with Wp-Rocket last version
* Fix - infinite loop in admin panel
= 6.0.20 (03 June 2022)=
* Update - Compatibility with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO
* Update - New feature added to automatically redirect the logged users to the admin dashboard
* Fixed the hidden URLs process
* Fixed the site_url() and home_url() issue when they are different
* Add compatibility with WordPress 6.0
= 6.0.19 (19 May 2022)=
* Update - Add compatibility with Elementor Builder plugin for WP Multisite
* Update - Tested/Update Compatibilities with more themes and plugins
= 6.0.18 (03 May 2022)=
* Add compatibility with LiteSpeed webp images
* Update - Update Compatibilities
* Fix - Small Bugs
= 6.0.16 (22 Mar 2022)=
* Update - Added compatibility with Backup Guard Plugin
* Update - Prevent affecting the cron processes on Wordfence & changing the paths during the cron process
* Update - Change the WP-Rocket cache files on all subsites for WP Multisite
* Update - Automatically add the CDN URL if WP_CONTENT_URL is set as a different domain
* Fixed the Change Paths for Logged Users issue
= 6.0.15 (21 Feb 2022)=
* Update - Added 7G Firewall option in Hide My WP > Change Paths > Firewall & Headers > Firewall Against Script Injection
* Update - Fixed the menu hidden issue when other security plugins are active
* Update - Compatibility with Login/Signup Popup plugin when Brute Force Google reCaptcha is activated
* Update - Compatibility with Buy Me A Cofee plugin
* Fixed - Library loading ID in HMWP Ghost
= 6.0.14 (07 Feb 2022)=
* Update - Security & Compatibility
* Update - Compatibility with Namecheap hosting
* Update - Compatibility with
* Fixed - Removed the ignore option from Nginx notification
* Fixed - The Security check on install.php and upgrade.php files
* Fixed - The Restore to default to remove the rules from the config file
= 6.0.13 (26 Ian 2022)=
* Update - Added new option in Login Security: Hide the language switcher option on the login page
* Update - Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
* Update - Compatibility with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO
* Update - Compatibility with WPS Hide Login
* Fix - Popup issue when Safe Mode or Ghost Mode is selected and other plugins are modifying the bootstrap javascript
* Fix - 404 error on WordPress upgrade when access the file upgrade.php for logged users
* Fix - Brute Force blocking Wordfence Cron Job
= 6.0.12 (10 Ian 2022)=
* Update - Compatibility with Smush plugin
* Update - Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.3
* Update - Compatibility with Wordfence 2FA when reCaptcha is active
* Fix - Infinit loop when POST action on unknown paths
= 6.0.11 (08 Dec 2021)=
* Update - Added the Ctrl + Shift + C restriction when Inspect Element option is active
* Update - Added the features text for translation
* Update - Removed the WordPress title tag from login/register pages
* Update - Added the option to ignore the notifications and avoid repeating alerts
* Fix - Remove the login URL from the logo on the custom login page
* Fix - Set Filesystem to direct connection for file management
= 6.0.10 (20 Nov 2021)=
* Update - Added Permissions-Policy & Referrer-Policy default security headers
* Update - Added the option to disable Right-Click for logged users and user roles
* Update - Added the option to disable Inspect Element for logged users and user roles
* Update - Added the option to disable View Source for logged users and user roles
* Update - Added the option to disable Copy/Paste for logged users and user roles
* Update - Added the option to disable Drag/Drop for logged users and user roles
* Fix - Whitelist and Blacklist error messages in Brute Force when no IP was added
* Fix - Typos in HMWP Ghost plugin
= 6.0.09 (08 Nov 2021)=
* Fix - Remove Sitemap style from Yoast, Rank Math, XML Sitemap on Nginx servers when the option Change Paths in Sitemaps XML is active
* Update - Compatibility with Wordfence Security Scan when the wp-admin is hidden
* Update - Compatibility with the Temporary Login Without Password plugin to work with the passwordless connection on custom admin
* Update - Compatibility with the LoginPress plugin to work with the passwordless connection on custom admin
* Update - Compatibility with WordPress Sitemap, Rank Math SEO, SEOPress, XML Sitemaps to hide the paths and style on Nginx servers
= 6.0.08 (22 Oct 2021)=
* Update - Compatibility with Nitropack
* Update - Compatibility with OptimizePress Dashboard
* Update - Change the Plugin Name on update check success message
* Update - Compatibility with Bricks Builder
* Update - Compatibility with Zion Builder
* Fix - Compact the frontend scripts for removing right click and keys
* Fix - Add links to the Change Paths page from Security Check
= 6.0.07 (18 Oct 2021)=
* Update - Select the WordPress common files you want to hide
* Update - Add the option to block comments that may lead to spam
* Update - Removed Plugins Section from Settings
* Update - Removed any affiliate links from the plugin
* Update - Compatibility with MainWP
* Update - Compatibility with Limit Login Attempts Reloaded
* Update - Compatibility with Loginizer
* Update - Compatibility with Shield Security
* Update - Compatibility with iThemes Security
* Fix - Login & Logout redirects for Woocommerce
* Fix - Don't show the rewrite alert messages if nothing was changed in HMWP
= 6.0.06 (14 Oct 2021)=
* Update - Update the White Label options to remove plugin name, and author while the plugin is active
* Fix - Added handle when the plugin is not installed correctly
* Fix - Avoid changing the cache in the paths like plugins and themes and broke the website
= 6.0.05 (6 Oct 2021)=
* Update - Add the option to hide the wp-admin path for non-admin users
* Update - Advanced Text Mapping to work with Page Builders in admin
* Update - Changing the paths in sitemap.xml and robots.txt to work with all SEO plugins
* Update - Translate the plugin in more languages
* Update - Select the cache directory if there is a custom cache directory set in the cache plugin
* Update - Show the change in cache files option for more cache plugins
* Fixed - Showing the old paths on unfound files
* Fixed - Not load the Click Disable while editing with Page Builders
= 6.0.04 (1 Oct 2021)=
* Update - Use WordPress filesystem for all file actions
* Fixed - Rewrite built on custom register and lostpassword path
* Fixed - wp_ previx detection in Website Security Check
* Fixed - plugin typos & translations
= 6.0.03 (28 Sept 2021)=
* Update - Added compatibility with JCH Optimize 3 plugin
* Update - Added compatibility with Oxygen 3.8 plugin
* Update - Added compatibility with WP Bakery plugin
* Update - Added compatibility with Bunny CDN plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Manage WP plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Autoptimize plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Breeze plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Cache Enabler plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with CDN Enabler plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Comet Cache plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Hummingbird plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Hyper Cache plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Litespeed Cache plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with Power Cache plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with W3 Total Cache plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with WP Fastest Cache plugin
* Update - Update compatibility with iThemes plugin
* Update - Added compatibility with Hummingbird Performance plugin
* Fix - Small Bugs
= 6.0.00 (13 Sept 2021)=
* Update - A new UI for Hide My WP Ghost
* Update - Compatibility with more plugins and themes
* Update - Added new Features: Disable Right Clicks, Copy-Paste, Drag-Drop, View-Source
* Feature Update: Select User Role for Hide Admin Toolbar option
* Feature Update: Get Events User report from Cloud directly in the plugin
* Feature Update: Select Quick Text Mapping from WP Common Classes