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How do I Block WP Content?

To block WP content using Hide My WP Ghost, you can change the wp-content path and then hide it using the option to Hide WordPress Common Paths.

This effectively obscures the common directories of your WordPress site, making it more difficult for automated bots and malicious users to identify and access your site’s content.

  1. If you haven’t already, install and activate the Hide My WP Ghost plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to the Hide My WP > Change Paths page in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. In the plugin settings, locate the WP Core Security section. Change the default wp-content path to something unique and not easily guessable.
  4. Still within the settings, find the option to Hide WordPress Common Paths and enable it. This will hide/protect the common WordPress paths, including your new wp-content path.
  5. Save your settings to apply the changes. Your wp-content directory, which contains themes, plugins, and uploads, is now hidden from the common paths that hackers target.

The process is user-friendly and is managed from within the plugin’s settings, providing a straightforward way to enhance the security of your WordPress installation.