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Is it possible to have custom footprints?

QUESTION: Is it possible to have custom footprints? You provide Joomla, Drupal, and some others, is it possible to make a custom one?

No, this is not possible. This is because CMS detectors know to look for specific headers to detect which CMS a site is using (which we add to simulate Joomla and Drupal).

It’s impossible to make a detector show a Custom generator if it doesn’t already exist in its database.

However, you can add a custom generator name if you hook the Hide My WP Ghost emulator field. This can be done if you add in the theme functions.php file this line:

add_filter('hmwp_emulate_cms', function(){
  return 'Custom Generator';

Note! Change the custom generator with a known CMS footprint so that the theme detectors can identify it.