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If you have the Hide My WP Ghost plugin installed on your website and have an account with us.

Why Buy from Us?

– Because we care & love creating awesome, highly-effective and easy to use security plugins for you guys and gals.

– We frequently release updates & new features based on feedback we receive from users (yes, we do take feature requests).

We developed this plugin together with the Squirrly Company. Marketing, Design and Support for Hide My WP is done by Squirrly. As well as features and Roadmap.

– Hide My WP Ghost is Brought to you by the Squirrly Company: A Proven, Profitable and Award-Winning Company.

– Rock solid commitment to delivering high-quality customer support.

– We believe that security is the most important thing for open-source CMSs.

Setup shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

Just in case though, you can quickly find videos and super easy to follow written tutorials here: