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What kind of value can Hide My WP Ghost add to my security stack?

Being the most popular CMS on the internet, WordPress is also the most hacked.

Hide My WP Ghost helps you go undetected by hacker bots and prevent WordPress vulnerability exploitation (this targets multiple areas in WordPress that expose your site to attacks; more on this here).

Other security tools focus on malware scanning and fixing files that were already infected.

With Hide My WP Ghost, we focus on hiding the paths that hacker bots use to gain access or inject scripts. Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t find, so this will automatically increase the level of protection of any WP site.

Hide My WP Ghost also offers security reports and the option to set email alerts. This helps you uncover urgent vulnerabilities and fix security threats before they become a problem.

You can learn more about all the features that Hide My WP Ghost provides to help protect your WordPress site against hacker bots and spammers here >>

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you can quit being stressed about updating all the old plugins on all the old sites you’ve worked on?

With Hide My WP Ghost, you won’t care if the other plugins in the site don’t get security patches, because hackers won’t even be able to find them and access their vulnerabilities.