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Do I still need Hide My WP Ghost if I’m already using a security tool or plugin ?

Hide My WP Ghost is NOT meant to replace the other security plugins out there.

Our purpose is to add an extra layer of protection (not available in the others), in order to prevent hacking attempts.

Instead of focusing on fixing files that were already infected, we focus on hiding the paths that hacker bots use to gain access or inject scripts.

Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t find, so this will automatically increase the level of protection of any WordPress site.

With Hide My WP Ghost, you prevent attacks from happening, by hiding vulnerabilities in themes, WP core, and plugins.

It does a bit more, as you will see on the Features list here >>

This offers an extra layer of protection that you don’t get from other plugins, because those focus on helping you while you are attacked and after you were attacked, by:

  • cleaning files,
  • detecting malware,
  • injections etc.

With Hide My WP Ghost – you can avoid getting injections in the first place.

Therefore, even if you are already using a WordPress Security plugin or tool, you can still benefit from using Hide My WP Ghost – as it will add more value to your security stack.

Hide My WP Ghost will work together with other security plugins and tools to add a different kind of security layer on your websites by stopping the hackers’ attacks and preventing data loss.