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How do I Hide the WordPress Version?

To hide the WordPress version and related information from images, CSS, and JavaScript files in WordPress, you can use the “Hide My WP Ghost” plugin. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Install and Activate Hide My WP Ghost:
    • Begin by installing the Hide My WP Ghost plugin on your WordPress website if you haven’t already.
  2. Access the Plugin Settings:
    • After activation, go to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Locate the “Hide My WP” menu on the left-hand sidebar and click on it.
  3. Configure Version Hiding:
    • In the Hide My WP settings, navigate to the “Tweaks” section.
  4. Hide Version from Images, CSS, and JS:
    • Under the “Hide Options” within the “Tweaks” section, you will find the option titled “Hide Version from Images, CSS, and JS in WordPress.”
    • Activate this option by turning it on.

By enabling this feature in Hide My WP Ghost, the plugin will hide all version information from images, CSS styles, and JavaScript files within your WordPress site.

This helps enhance security by preventing potential attackers from easily identifying the WordPress version and any associated vulnerabilities.

Keep in mind that this feature works to hide version details as long as the Hide My WP Ghost plugin is active on your website.