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Can I use the same login path if multiple security plugins are installed on the website?

No, it is not recommended to use the same login path if you have multiple security plugins installed on your website. Each security plugin or theme that offers a custom login path option should be configured with different login paths.

When you set up multiple security plugins, each with its own custom login path feature, using the same login path across different plugins can create style & redirect conflicts. This can result in potentially exposing your custom login path.

Recommended Approach:

1. Use Different Login Paths: Configure a unique login path for each security plugin. For instance, if you are using Hide My WP Ghost and another security plugin, set a custom login path in the other security plugin (e.g., /custom-login) and a different random login path in Hide My WP Ghost (e.g., /random-login-path).

2. Hide Default Paths: In Hide My WP Ghost, ensure that you enable the option to hide the default WordPress login paths (/wp-login.php and /login). This will prevent bots and unauthorized users from accessing the login page via the default URLs.

3. Styled Login Page: Using different login paths allows you to maintain a styled login page provided by the theme or security plugins, while also benefiting from the enhanced security features of Hide My WP Ghost.

Example Configuration:

  • Wordfence:
  • Custom login path: /custom-login
  • Styled login page: Yes
  • Hide My WP Ghost:
  • Custom login path: /random-login-path
  • Hide default paths: /wp-login.php and /login


  • Your login page remains styled and branded as per login customization.
  • The default WordPress login paths are hidden, reducing the risk of brute force attacks.
  • No conflicts occur between the plugins, ensuring both security and aesthetic enhancements function correctly.

By following this approach, you can ensure that each plugin operates effectively without interference, providing both enhanced security and a customized login experience for your WordPress site.


  • Hide My WP Ghost works together with LoginPress styled login. You can select the same custom login path.