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Can I use Hide My WP Ghost with iThemes Security?

Yes, you can use Hide My WP Ghost with iThemes Security.

The plugin is compatible with iThemes Security. We have many customers who use them together, as they complement each other.

Even if both plugins are considered WordPress Security plugins, iThemes Security and Hide My WP Ghost work together to add security layers on your websites by stopping the hackers’ attacks and preventing data loss.

You can learn more about the advantages of using the two plugins together, as well as what features we recommend activating when using Hide My WP Ghost with iThemes Security HERE >>

We use the passwordless login from iThemes and I can’t jeopardize anything conflicting with it. Please advise?

Based on our tests, we don’t anticipate any conflicts. We recommend testing with a different browser after activating the passwordless option from iThemes.