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What is Backup and Restore? How does it work?

The Backup & Restore feature in the Hide My WP Ghost plugin offers you a convenient way to preserve your security configurations. With this feature, you can save your customized setup, making it possible to effortlessly restore it at any time.

Imagine you’ve configured a security setup that you find absolutely perfect. Instead of worrying about remembering every detail, you can create a backup of this setup. This way, you’ll always be assured of restoring it whenever you need it.

But that’s not all! Many of our clients also use the Backup and Restore feature in the following manner:

  1. They apply Hide My WP Ghost to a website.
  2. After fine-tuning the settings to their liking, they create a backup of these configurations.
  3. They then take this backup file and apply it to all other plugin installations they set up for their clients.

This approach offers a remarkably simple way to replicate your favorite settings across multiple sites. Picture effortlessly maintaining your preferred configurations on a multitude of websites, perhaps even on a scale of 100 sites or more. With the Backup & Restore feature, it’s a breeze!