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What other security plugin do you recommend using alongside Hide My WP Ghost?

Hide My WP Ghost is not meant to be an all in one security plugin, and we don’t intend to replace the other security plugins out there. Our purpose is to add an extra layer of protection (not available in the others), in order to prevent hacking attempts.

You can use HMWP Ghost with the security plugin you already use on your website or you can install a free plugin like Wordfence, iThemes, or Shield Security.

Hide My WP Ghost will complement those tools by offering an extra layer of protection that the others don’t offer.

With Hide My WP Ghost, we focus on hiding the paths that hacker bots use to gain access or inject scripts. Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t see/find.

With Hide My WP Ghost you prevent attacks from happening, by hiding vulnerabilities in themes, WP core and plugins.

Other security tools focus on different things, such as malware scanning and fixing files that were already infected.

Using HMWP Ghost is a prevention method not a cure method.

So we recommend using Hide My WP Ghost alongside other security plugins that focus on that for increased protection.

We have many clients using Hide My WP Ghost alongside tools such as:


If you have file cleaners / malware removal, etc. from your hosting company, then you may not need to pair Hide My WP Ghost up with another security plugin. Otherwise, we recommend that you use something like WP Cerber, WordFence, or others.