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Will I be able to see all edits and settings changes made by users using Activity Logs?

Click on this link to go to a dedicated resource that covers this feature provided by Hide My WP Ghost in detail.

By activating Log User Events, you can find out exactly who does what on your WordPress website:

  • Find out if someone is trying to hack your site.
  • Know when a post was deleted, and who deleted it.
  • Know when a plugin was activated/deactivated, and who did it.
  • Track your freelancers’ or hired developer’s activities.
  • Track your multiple blog authors’ activities.
  • Track who has logged in, when, and with what IP address.
  • View successful and failed login attempts. Track which IP address is targeting your login page.
  • Track which themes, plugins, and core files are updated by which user.

All this data will show in the Events Log Report that can be accessed at Hide My WP > Log Events > Events Log Report. Can be set according to user roles.