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Will Hide My WP Ghost protect my site against signup spammers / spam signups?

We didn’t specifically build Hide My WP Ghost for that. However it will help stop the spam sign ups.

About the extra layer of security provided by Hide My WP Ghost:

With Hide My WP Ghost, you prevent attacks from happening, by hiding vulnerabilities in themes, WP core and plugins. Hackers and hacker bots can’t attack what they can’t find. It does a bit more, as you can see on the Features list.

This offers an extra layer of protection that you don’t get from other plugins, because those focus on helping you while you are attacked and after you were attacked, by cleaning files, detecting malware, injections etc.

With Hide My WP Ghost you can avoid getting injections in the first place.

For protection against spam signups, spam submissions, and fake account creation:

  • changing the signup paths using Hide My WP Ghost will make those spam bots stop because they won’t find where to sign up anymore;
  • changing the register path helps you prevent spam emails with new user requests;
  • you can also activate Brute Force protection using Hide My WP Ghost.

To learn more about other features that HMWP Ghost provides to protect your site against hacker bots and spammers, please check out this resource.