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How does HMWP Ghost affect the existing assets that Google may have indexed (media files like images or linked pdfs)?

Question: How does Hide My WP Ghost affect all the existing assets that Google may have indexed, in particular media files like images or linked pdf, etc?

Hide My WP Ghost does NOT affect that, because we made image files and PDFs still be accessible via wp-content.

It was important to make it this way:

  • for SEO
  • for Cache plugins

The new images that will be uploaded will go on the new custom path.

Images and PDFs are not the vulnerable / attacked files, so it was better to do this, in order to ensure SEO and good caching.

However, if a user DOES want all the old images and PDFs on the new custom path, they can reach out to support.

There is a special setting that can be activated, but we’ve hidden that to protect users.

The most important types of files to hide can be hidden without the special setting.