Users Activity Log

It’s important to monitor everything that happens on your WordPress site. Monitoring is the process of “keeping an eye” on what is happening on your WordPress site.

Such logs enable you to take note of every important action triggered on your WordPress site and store that information until you need it.  It’s safe to know what happened on your website at any time, in admin and on the frontend.

Cloud Data

All the logs are saved on our Cloud Servers and your data is safe in case you reinstall the plugin .

Activate Users Events Log

Find out exactly who does what on your WordPress website:

  • If someone is trying to hack your site.
  • When a post was deleted, and who deleted it.
  • If a plugin was activated/deactivated.
  • Track your freelancers or hired developer’s activities
  • Track your multiple blog author’s activities
  • Track who has logged in and when and with what IP address
  • View successful/failed login attempts
  • Track which IP address is targeting your login page
  • Track which themes, plugins and core files are updated by any user

To activate the user activity log, switch on Hide My WP > Log Events > Events Settings

Log Brute Force Attempts

A brute force login attack can enable an attacker to log in to an application and steal data.

It’s useful to use this tool that automatically reads weblogs and alerts the administrator if multiple attempts come from one IP address.

Log User Roles

Choose the user roles for which you want to monitor the activity while they are logged in. This log will also include the login process for each user you monitor.

To select the user roles, hold the Control/Command key and select the roles from the list.

Check User Events Log

To access the User Log Events, click to Go to Events Log Panel button and you will be redirected to your WPPlugins Account > User Events Log.

From here you can filter the logs by actions, IP addresses, users and domains.

User Events Email Alerts

You can create action alerts and receive an email when an user action is triggered.

For the moment we have some predefined actions from which you can choose.

To create an alert, go to WPPlugins Account > User Events Log > Manage Alerts > New.

User Events Email Alerts

Select the website and the alert you want to receive by email and click the Save button.

Here is how an email alert will look like:

Notification Email Address

You can set a different email address on which you want to receive all the alerts from our system.

To set the email address, go to WPPlugins Account > Profile > Settings.

Notification Email Address

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