[How To] Hide wp-admin and wp-login.php from source code

Hiding the wp-admin and wp-login.php paths from source code it’s important especially when you use obscurity through security solution like Hide My WP Ghost.

The fastest way to change it is to use the mapping feature from Hide My WP Ghost. This way you can simply change the /wp-admin to a random name which will redirect the user to a page or to a 404 page.

For example you can add in Hide My WP > Mapping > Text Mapping:

/wp-admin => /404
/wp-login.php => /404 
/wp-login/ => /404 

Another solution is to deactivate the installed plugins and to check which plugin is adding the admin and login paths in source code. You can contact the plugin author and tell them to avoid making visible the sensitive paths.

  • Hi John
    I wish to ask for some help with testing my website plug-ins. I have just purchased Hide My WP. Can you contact me on the email. I do not want to share the website here. If you need that to complete this post, I am happy to provide it when you email me. Thank you, Beth

  • Hello,

    As soon as I turn on Text Mapping and add the fields recommended above, all I get on the log in page is a blank white screen.

    I manage quite a few sites and I would really like to use this plugin. If it works well enough, I’ll be purchasing the Ghost ALL version. Please let me know how to resolve this issue so that I can evaluate it properly.


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