WordPress Security Tweaks

How Hide My WP Ghost can help you have a secure website

Features included in this section

Hide My WP Tweaks

Hide WordPress for Logged Users

Hide admin bar and force the new paths for connected users.
This option also changes the new Media images URLs (useful for themes with custom user  dashboards).

Hide Versions and WordPress Tags

Hide WordPress and Plugin versions from the end of any image, css and js files
Hide the WP Generator META
Hide the WP DNS Prefetch META

Hide RSD (Really Simple Discovery) Header

Don’t show any WordPress information in HTTP header request.

Hide WordPress HTML Comments

Hide the HTML Comments left by theme and plugins.

Hide Emojicons

Don’t load Emoji Icons if you don’t use them.

Disable XML-RPC Access

Don’t load XML-RPC to prevent Brute force attacks via XML-RPC

Disable Embed Scripts

Don’t load Embed service if you don’t use Embed videos.

Disable WLW Manifest Scripts

Don’t load it if you didn’t configure Windows Live Writer for your site.

Disable DB Debug in Frontend

Don’t load DB Debug if your website is live.

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