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Hide My WP Ghost Compatibility Themes List

Hide My WP Ghost is compatible with the most popular themes. We are continuously working on this to further extend the list of themes that Hide My WP Ghost is compatible with.

We’ve tested Hide My WP Ghost with over 1,000 plugins and themes so far, and we’ll keep at it. But if you DON’T see a theme you may be using on our list here just yet, it doesn’t mean Hide My WP Ghost won’t work with it or cause issues.

Hide My WP Ghost doesn’t physically change any path or file. Rewrites happen when a browser accesses files and paths.

Here are some of the latest themes we checked to make sure they work with Hide My WP Ghost.


Compatibility issues are unlikely, especially if you use the Safe Mode from Hide My WP Ghost.

Compatibility problems were fixed for:

  • Builders
  • Server hosting
  • Cache Plugins
  • Security Plugins

We fixed for those, because that’s where most issues were found in the past and we keep working on making it more compatible with them.

If you want us to test other WordPress plugins or themes, please contact us and send us the plugin/theme URL.

We are open to testing Hide My WP Ghost with more plugins and themes, as we are continuously looking for new ways to make Hide My WP Ghost as valuable as possible for a wide range of users.

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