How to Limit Login Attempts
in Your WordPress Page

How Hide My WordPress Ghost can help you to have a secure website

By default, WordPress allows users to try different login passwords as many times as they want.

By limiting the number of invalid login attempts, you can protect your site from the brute force attacks.

Why it is important to Limit the number of login attempts?

WordPress websites are a popular target for hackers.

That’s a fact.

If you’re thinking that your site is too small or new to earn the attention from hackers, think again. There are 90,978 security attacks that happen every minute of every day.

Hackers may have a number of different reasons why they may be targeting your WordPress website. 

We have listed some common examples to give you a better idea as to why your site may be a target:

  • Inject Malicious Content 
  • To Steal Money

  • Steal Visitors’ Personal Informations

  • Spread Viruses

  • Steal Business’s Private Information 

  • Use Your Web Server to Host Phishing Pages

  • Steal Your Server Bandwidth

  • Overload Your Web Server

  • Vandalize Your Website

  • For Fun or To Get Attention

  • To Disrupt Service

How do The Hackers Gain Access?

One of the most common ways hackers gain access to WordPress is through brute force password cracking.
They try various username and password combinations until something works.

You should know that by default WordPress allows unlimited login attempts through the login page.

The easiest way to stop a hacker attempting to guess your username and password is to use a plugin that limits the number of login attempts made from a specific IP address in a set amount of time. 
There are many WordPress plugins available to limit the invalid login attempts. One of them is Hide My WP Ghost.
 90,978 security attacks happen
every minute of every day

How To Limit Login Attempts

using Hide My WP Ghost Plugin

With Hide My WP Ghost Plugin you can:
    1. Activate the Brute Force Protection.
    2. Choose the Captcha protection: Math or Google.
    3. Set how many fail attempts are allowed in LogIn page.
    4. Select how many hours to block the hacker.
To prevent your IP from being blocked, you can whitelist your IP or a range of IPs.

Hide My Wp Ghost Brute Force Protection

Whitelists IP adresses

A very effective defensive technique is known as whitelisting. 

In this process you select only specific IP addresses and give them the ability to access your dashboard. 

This is a great solution as it gives you the ability and control as well as being specifically useful if you operate using only a small team.

With Hide My Wp Ghost you can Whitelist the IP addresses or range of IP addresses that you want to have access to the loginpage on your website.

You don’t need developer skills for this.

Identify The IP Addresses From Failed Login Attempts

The typical way of attacking websites via login attempts is with automated bots. This accounts for a large percentage of unsuccessful login attempts. 

Hackers target: WordPress websites that have insufficiently strong login credentials.

It is very common for a WordPress user to see a number of failed login attempts during a day.
The best and first place to start is by limiting the amount of times a user can try and fail to login and eventually block those IP addresses.

With Hide My WP Ghost you can:

      1. Track who has logged in and  identify the IP address
      2. View successful/failed  attempts
      3. Log the IP address on success and fail attempts
      4. If necessary you can blacklist IP addresses 

Blacklist IP adresses

If you notice that you have IP addresses trying to access your WordPress admin that shouldn’t be, you can go ahead and block unwanted uses.

Blocking IP addresses is used as a solution to block spam,  hacking attacks on your website.

With Hide My WP Ghost you can ban the IP addresses or range of IP addresses that you never want to be able to access the login page.
You don’t need developer skills for this.

Change Wp-Login URL

Brute forcing login pages is one of the common form of web attacks that your website is likely to face.

Changing your login page URL is a simple but effective security technique that can help keep hackers out.

A unique, difficult-to-guess URL is harder to locate.

WordPress’ default login URL is /wp-login.php. With Hide My WP Ghost Plugin you can change it with a different URL. 

Similar to login page is wp-admin directory which needs to be protected.

Just by changing some default permalinks you may be able to provide an extra layer of security for your site.

Hide My WP Ghost help you to hide the fact that you are using WordPress.

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