WordPress Users Activity Log

Monitor everything that happens on your WordPress site.

All the logs are saved on our Cloud Servers and your data is safe in case you reinstall the plugin

What is an Activity Log?

Monitoring is the process of “keeping an eye” on what is happening on your WordPress site.

Such logs enable you to take note of every important action triggered on your WordPress site and store that information until you need it. 

It’s safe to know what happened on your website at any time, in admin and on frontend.


Why is Important to Have an Activity Log for Your Website

Find out exactly who does what on your WordPress website:

  • If someone is trying to hack your site.
  • When a post was deleted, and who deleted it.
  • If a plugin was activated/deactivated.
  • Track your freelancers or hired developer’s activities
  • Track your multiple blog author’s activities
  • Track who has logged in and when and with what IP address
  • View successful/failed login attempts
  • Track which IP address is targeting your login page
  • Track which themes, plugins and core files are updated by any user

How Hide my WordPress Ghost Can Help You

Log User Events

WordPress Login Fail Attempts

User Activity Log is more focused on tracking users, so it’s perfect for multi-author websites and keeping an eye on your team.

Tracks events such as user registrations, logins, uploaded or modified files, core updates, changes to your Multisite network, and more

Log Brute Force Attempts

A brute force login attack can enable an attacker to log in to an application and steal data.

It’s useful to use a tool that automatically reads web logs and alerts the administrator if multiple attempts come from one IP address.

Receive Alerts by Email

Security Email Alert

Set up an email for all security alerts. An email will be send when something wrong happens.

It’s important to know when someone logged in from a different country or if someone found your hidden login path.

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