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Hide My WP Ghost Compatible With WP Engine

WP Engine is the best solution for your WordPress website because they take security very seriously.

We’ve tested and made Hide My WP Ghost compatible with WP Engine.

You will be guided how to set the Ghost mode in Hide My WP Ghost and the records you have to add in WP Engine.

All the information about WP Engine Rewrites are here:

Redirects, or rewrites, are rules you can create to have certain URLs automatically go to a new location anywhere on the internet. If you have adjusted the URL structure on your website, and need former links to redirect to the new ones, you will need to configure redirect rules to ensure your pages can be found and maintain any SEO ranking.

Access Redirect Rules

  1. Login to the User Portal
  2. Select the environment name you want to configure a redirect for
    • NOTE: Redirects for a specific domain will only work if the domain is also mapped to the same environment
  3. Select Redirect Rules

Add a Redirect Rule

The most common redirect is to simply have one page redirect to another. To set this up, click the New Redirect Rule button.

  1. Click New Redirect Rule
  1. You will be presented with a window like the following
  2. Configure your redirect and click Save or Add another

All the information about WP Engine Rewrites are here:

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