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Hide My WP Ghost Compatible With WP Engine

If you are using WP Engine to host your WordPress website and you want to increase its security by using Hide My WP Ghost, follow the steps below to set up Ghost mode and add the necessary records in WP Engine.

Step 1: Install and activate Hide My WP Ghost on your WordPress website.

Step 2: Open Hide My WP Ghost settings and go to the Safe Mode or Ghost Mode tab.

Step 3: Enable Safe Mode or Ghost Mode by clicking the corespondent button.

Step 4: Configure the paths to your preferences. You can choose which URLs to hide, which ones to redirect, and which ones to replace with custom paths.

Step 5: Save the changes, check the rules you receive in the notification bar and go to the WP Engine User Portal.

Step 6: Select the environment you want to configure a redirect for.

Step 7: If you want to redirect a specific domain, make sure it is also mapped to the same environment.

Step 8: Click on Redirect Rules.

Step 9: To add a new redirect rule, click on the New Redirect Rule button.

Step 10: Configure your redirect by adding the old URL and the new destination URL. Also choose the type of redirect you want to use accordingly with the rules from Hide My WP Ghost.

Step 11: Click on Save or Add another to create the redirect rule.

By following these steps, you should be able to set up Hide My WP Ghost and add the necessary redirect rules in WP Engine to increase the security of your WordPress website

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