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Lesson 4 – Events Log & Email Alerts

This is a must-use feature if you have a team working on your website. Sometimes it’s important to track a user’s actions to see if they have accessed and changed settings that were not supposed to be changed.

Note! For the following features, you need to have the Hide My WP Ghost version installed.

Step 1. Activate the Events Log

Once you switch on Hide My WP Ghost > Events Log > Log User Events you will start the user logging process on the cloud. The plugin will save all the known actions and details about every action, so it will be easy to understand what a user did on the website.


Lesson 2 – How to Activate Brute Force Protection

In the previous lesson, you learned how to customize the common WordPress paths.

Now it’s time to learn how to protect the custom wp-login path from Brute Force attacks if you make it public for subscribers.

Note! You need to be aware that you don’t need to have just one login path. If your theme has a login path for subscribers, you can activate the theme’s security for that URL and have your own secret login path withHide My WP Ghost.

Good, now that you have set a login path in Hide My WP Ghost, it’s time to activate the Brute Force attack protection for it.


Lesson 3 – How to Hide Your Site From WordPress Theme Detectors & Hackers Bots

In the previous lesson you learned how to protect your login page from Brute Force attacks, it’s time to learn how to hide your website from WordPress theme detectors and hackers’ bots.

Note! Please read Hide WordPress from Theme Detectors or from Hackers Bots?

Changing the common WordPress paths will not guarantee that the WordPress CMS is completely hidden. The old paths are still accessible and hackers are still able to inject SQL and Javascript into vulnerable installed plugins and themes.

Follow the next steps, and learn what you need to do to fully protect your website.


Lesson 1 – How to Hide Your WordPress Website with Hide My WP Ghost

In this lesson, I will teach how to customize the paths and hide your WordPress website from theme hackers bots.
Now that you have downloaded the plugin and installed it on your website, you need to make sure you take full advantage of all its features.

Our challenge with Hide My WP Ghost was to offer an easy-to-set-up plugin and a stable and complex security plugin that would protect websites from almost all known WordPress attacks.