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How To Install Hide My WP Ghost Lite

Learn how to download and install Hide My WP Ghost Lite. This tutorial will teach you how to hide the common paths and how to activate the plugin in Lite Mode. Note, the Lite Mode will not protect you from all the hackers bots, if you need a complex security plugin please read here. Download: Download Hide My WP Ghost Lite Manually install […]

How To Install Hide My WP Ghost

Learn how to download and install Hide My WP Ghost. This tutorial will teach you how to hide all the paths, plugins and themes and how to activate the plugin in Safe Mode or Ghost Mode. In other words, you will activate all the security features you need to keep the hackers away from your website and […]

Hide My Wp Ghost – Why You Must Have It!

Hide my Wp Ghost is an easy to use product designed to provide you with the best protection against hackers. When you start using this plugin, you will be able to hide the fact that you are using WordPress on your site. Being able to cover up the common paths is critical because you […]

Hide My WP Ghost – How To Disable The Plugin In Case Of Error

Disable Hide My WP in case you’re stuck in front-end. There are two ways to roll back the settings and connect to your WordPress dashboard. To disable the Hide My Wp Ghost mode, in address bar type: http://[]/wp-admin/?hmwp_disable=[code] the safe parameter will change all settings to default, and you’ll be able to login to your […]