[How To] Disable Hide My WP Ghost In Case Of Error

Disable Hide My WP in case you’re stuck in front-end.

There are two ways to roll back the settings and connect to your WordPress dashboard.

  1. Disable the Hide My Wp Ghost mode, in address bar type:

    the safe parameter will change all settings to default, and you’ll be able to login to your dashboard with /wp-login.php.

  2. Change the plugin name using File Manager, sFTP or FTP.

    from: /wp-content/plugins/hide-my-wp
    to: /wp-content/plugins/hide-my-wp1

    Once you change the directory, the plugin will not load anymore and you’ll be able to login with /wp-login.php
    rename the plugin directory back to hide-my-wp to activate the plugin while logged in.

Note: Don’t share the safe parameter public to prevent others to disable the Ghost mode.

Once you are done, go to the Hide My WP Ghost Settings and follow the steps again to Ghost mode or please contact us to find a solution in case there are compatibility issues with other installed plugins.