[How To] Use URL Mapping in Hide My WP Ghost

URL Mapping was created to help you change JS and CSS URLs that Hide My WP Ghost didn’t change into custom once without breaking the website functionality.

URL Domain Mapping

You can add a list of URLs you want to change into new ones.

It’s important to include only internal URLs from your frontend source code after you activate the plugin in Safe Mode or Ghost Mode.

from: https://yourdomain.com/assets/f9f4ca341/main.css
to: https://yourdomain.com/mystyle.css


from: https://yourdomain.com/assets/f9f4ca341/
to: https://yourdomain.com/custom_assets/

Note: If you have Nginx server, don’t forget to reload the service after you save the settings.

  • Thanks for all these lessons.

    I am using a jobs board and I would like to redirect employers to the jobs dashboard after they sign in. Unfortunately they are always redirected to the home page which gets them lost. Is there anyway you can help?

    • The plugin doesn’t have the option to specify where to redirect the user after login but it should redirect them to dashboard.
      Seems that another plugin is trying to redirect the users to /wp-admin on login and, as it is hidden, Hide My WP is redirecting them to the homepage.
      Switch ON “Strict Login” from Hide My WP > Advanced to remove other hooks on login process.

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