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Use Hide My WP in Dashboard

Once you installed Hide My WP Ghost plugin on your website, the plugin will add by default a widget in the WordPress Dashboard with the security status for every single day.

Hide My WP Ghost Widget in Dashboard

In this widget, the plugin verifies the critical tasks from Security Check like Brute Force on login path, Script Insertion, SQL Insertion, XML-RPC Vulnerability, SSL security, HTML Headers and more.

You will get a level of security based on how many vulnerabilities were found and you can check the full report with a simple click.

Activate/Deactivate Hide My WP in Dashboard

To activate/deactivate the widget, simply go to Screen Options and check/uncheck the Hide My WP box.

Activate Hide My WP Ghost in Dashboard

Hide My WP widget on WP Multisite

To see the Hide My WP widget on WP Multisite, go to one of the sub-sites’ Dashboard. The widget will not load while connected on the network dashboard.