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Customize WordPress Uploads Directory

Method #1 – Change wp-content/uploads with wp-config.php

This solution is simple, but it involves editing a core WordPress file.

First, access the root directory of your WordPress installation using the File Manager in your web hosting CPanel or using an FTP client. Then find a file named wp-config.php and open the file to edit.

Then add the following line in the wp-config file:

define( ‘UPLOADS’, ‘wp-content/storage’ );

This will make all your media uploads go in a folder named “storage”. But it will still be inside the “wp-content” folder.

If you want the uploads to go in a direct folder, like, then use the following code instead:

define( ‘UPLOADS’, ’storage’ );

Also, make sure to add the following code right before the line as well:


This will automatically create a folder in WordPress directly if it doesn’t exist. Or, you can manually create the folder on the right path using the FTP client.

Method #2 – Use A Plugin

The easiest way to change the default media uploads path is to use the Hide My WP Ghost plugin.

Once installed, this plugin will allow you to easily change the default media directory into any path you like.

For example, your current media uploads path may look like this: You can customize it to using this plugin.

Note! Keep in mind that this plugin will not physically change the uploads directory but it will use rewrites rules. You don’t have to move the images and everything goes back to what it was if you deactivate the plugin.

You can change the wp-content/uploads directory from hackers even with the free version of Hide My WP Ghost plugin. In case you want to add extra security, you will need the Hide My WP Ghost plugin. This plugin comes with support in case you need any configuration help.

Learn how to change the /wp-content and /wp-includes directory and protect your website from hackers: