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Lesson 3 – How to Hide Your Site From WordPress Theme Detectors & Hackers Bots

In the previous lesson you learned how to protect your login page from Brute Force attacks, it’s time to learn how to hide your website from WordPress theme detectors and hackers’ bots.

Note! Please read Hide WordPress from Theme Detectors or from Hackers Bots?

Changing the common WordPress paths will not guarantee that the WordPress CMS is completely hidden. The old paths are still accessible and hackers are still able to inject SQL and Javascript into vulnerable installed plugins and themes.

Follow the next steps, and learn what you need to do to fully protect your website.


Security Check Issues

Website Security Check Report

If WPPlugins founds any security issues, it means that your WordPress CMS is easily detectable, which leaves your site exposed to hackers.

If you don’t act NOW, it’s very likely that hacker bots will manage to break into your website sooner or later. If they do, they usually remove the website content entirely and steal your database information.

The loss and recovery costs can be … oh well … you do the math.

Below you will find more details and solutions for each security breach WPPlugins may uncover for your site.