[How To] Use Autoptimize with Hide My WP Ghost

First, let’s see why Autoptimize is a great plugin and why you should use it with Hide My WP Ghost.

  1. The free version of Autoptimize has all the features you need to optimize the WordPress site speed.
  2. Autoptimize is strictly an optimization plugin and not a security plugin that works great with the Hide My WP Ghost plugin.
  3. Autoptimize has the option to combine all CSS and JS files and also the inline styles.
  4. Autoptimize has over 1 million active installs in the WordPress repository and is consistently updated with new features.

With a bit of setup, Autoptimize + Hide My WP Ghost will help you hide the plugins and themes from all Themes Detectors.

To hide all CSS and JSS you need to follow the steps to combine the JS and CSS files into one file. Let’s see how you can do this with the Autoptimize plugin.

Autoptimize – Combine JS Files

Autoptimize plugin comes with the option to Aggregate/Combine the JS Files into one file. As we tested the plugin this is working really well with Change Paths in Cache Files option in Hide My WP Ghost.

Aggregate JS Files

Autoptimize’s “aggregate JS files” option will combine all of your JavaScript files into a single file.

Aggregating CSS and JS files will still result in a speed bump for certain types of WordPress sites, so we recommend testing your page speed with this option enabled and disabled.

Note! To hide the plugins’ JS URLs, make sure you activate the option “Aggregate JS-files” in Autoptimize and let Hide My WP Ghost change the paths in the cached file.

Also Aggregate Inline JS

The “also aggregate inline JS” option extracts inline JS in your HTML, and combines it with Autoptimize’s optimized JS file. Since this option can cause a rapid increase in Autoptimize’s cache size, we recommend keeping this option disabled unless you have a specific reason to enable it.

Autoptimize – Combine CSS Files

Autoptimize plugin also comes with the option to Aggregate/Combine the CSS Files into one file.

Aggregate CSS Files

Autoptimize’s “aggregate CSS files” option will combine all of your CSS files into a single file.

Note! To hide all the plugins’ css files you need to activate the option “Aggregate CSS files” in Autoptimize and let Hide My WP Ghost change the paths in the cached file.

Also Aggregate Inline CSS

This option will move inline CSS to Autoptimize’s CSS file. While moving inline CSS to a browser-cacheable CSS file can reduce page size, we recommend leaving this option disabled in most cases.

Hide Autoptimize cache path

Now that all the CSS and JS are combined, these files are present in the cache directory.

By default, the cache path is /core/cache/autoptimize/ which pretty much says that you are using Autoptimize plugin.

To fix this, simply map the URL with a custom name like in the below example from Hide My WP > Mapping > URL Mapping:

Read more about URL Mapping here: https://hidemywpghost.com/kb/url-mapping-text-mapping/#url_mapping

Change Paths in Cache Files

To activate Hide My WP Ghost to change the paths in the cache file, go to Hide My WP > Tweaks > Change Paths in Cache Files and the plugin will automatically change the paths in background using the cron option.


Note! If WordPress cron is deactivated on your website, you can manually click to change the paths once the files are cached.


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