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Hide WordPress Website From Builtwith

Even if WordPress is one of the safest content management system online, you cannot be completely sure that no one can hack your website if you are using WordPress. There are so many insecure plugins and themes that can be tracked by hackers around the world.

How To Hide WordPress From BuiltWith

Hide My WP Ghost is designed to ensure perfect protection against hackers around the world. Note that BuiltWith is a popular platform that provides hackers information about on which platform a particular website is running so that they can further plan their destructive activities.

Experts reveal that Hide My WP Ghost hides the website from if the users are setting the Ghost mode to Hide My WP Ghost plugin.

Hide WordPress From Builtwith

The word “Hiding WordPress” here means that you conceal the fact that your website is running on WordPress platform from people/hackers who are trying to identify the CMS. However, hiding a website also means masking the WordPress version number, altering permalinks, subdirectories, file names, etc so that all these essential details can stay hidden from bots.

How does it work?

Once you start using the Hide My WP Ghost plugin; the website security gets drastically improved, and you will also receive constant updates for it. Users also avail easy access to Ghost mode that helps to automate most essential features. Experts say that it is the easiest way to take website security to the next level.

Set the Ghost Mode in Hide My WP Ghost

To set the Ghost Mode in Hide My WP Ghost, simply go to your website admin dashboard and select Hide My WP Ghost. Click the “Ghost Mode” button and click Save.

Follow the instructions based on your server type and you’re done.

Activate the features to hide from theme detectors.

Check the results with

If BuiltWith still detects that your site is using WordPress CMS, it’s because your website was checked already and it will take 10-30 days for BuiltWith to refresh its cache. To make sure you hide WordPress from BuiltWith you should test your website with other vulnerability detectors first.

Note! You can remove the website from builtwith cache using this URL:

Use other WordPress Vulnerability Detectors

You can test it with our WordPress Vulnerability Detector:

Or you test it with and

Some plugins can’t be completely hidden because they add some classes in the source code in order to work and if we remove them your site will not work anymore.

Also, make sure you don’t use demo data from your WordPress theme which is the easiest way for detectors to find the CMS.

Note! Even if some detectors detect the plugins, the paths to the plugins are changed and the hacker bots will not be able to inject script into those plugins.


If you are interested in improving the security of your website; it is good to invest in Hide My WordPress Ghost.

Note! Unsecured websites are the best meal for crazy hackers around the world and they may start playing with your loads of important data online. So it is better to hide WordPress from BuiltWith and enjoy the safe business experience without worrying about hackers.

Note! You can remove the website from builtwith cache using this URL: