Hide My WP Ghost and CDN Enabler

Hide My WP Ghost is compatible with CDN Enabler. You can easily add CDN service from keycdn.com to work with the new paths from Hide My WP Ghost plugin.

Please follow these steps in order to work correctly:

1. Switch on the Late Loading option in Hide My WP Ghost> Advanced

Loate Loading

2. Add the new wp-content and wp-includes paths in CDN > Included Directories:

cd enabler include directories

Save and you’re done. Make sure you empty all the caches before you check your website’s source code.

If you have any question please contact us

  • Should both old wp-content, wp-includes and the new one core, lib be in the list of included directories?

    If we are not using relative path and absolute on the site should we still tick the box? Might be something that is relative and therefore better to be safe than sorry?

    CDN HTTPS? If cdn use https should this be enabled or disabled what is different of enabling and disabling this feature un this case?

    • You don’t have to include the old paths in CDN. They were there by default.
      If you select “Fix relative URLs” in Hide My WordPress you don’t need to check that box in CDN Enabler too.
      If your website is an HTTPs website, you need to check that box. So this option is related to your website’s scheme.

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