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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Ghost version of the plugin on any number of websites.

You can also transfer your license if you change your website.

This license is limited to the number of websites you use it on. This means that you have to activate the product with a license for each website you want to use a product on. For WordPress Multisite, the license is for the entire network.

Of course! Just deactivate the plugin from the previous domain, and activate it on the new one. You can manage it in your account via Manage License.

We offer a full refund for the first 30 days after purchase, based on our Refund Policy.

The Hide My WP Ghost Lite version offers the basic security options for your website, while Hide My WP Ghost offers you a powerful security level to prevent most of the WordPress attacks made by both humans and bots. More details

You can use PayPal or any credit card to pay for Hide My WP Ghost. We use the 2Checkut gateway, which supports over 45 payment methods

You can save all the settings from the Free version and restore them after you activate Hide My WP Ghost. 

For NGINX servers, you will need to do manual setup through SSH or SFTP to add the rewrite file into nginx.conf and reload the service.

Read the NGINX step-by-step tutorial here:

Note! Contact your host first and ask him if he can help you with it.

The plugin works on almost any WordPress server, but there are a few servers you can’t use Hide My WP Ghost with:

1. Business – doesn’t support a different login path and uses a shared NGINX hosting without the possibility to configure the rewrite rules.

2. Shared NGINX Hosting who doesn’t have the SSH option and refuses to add the Hide My WordPress Ghost config file and reload the NGINX settings.

To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ page or contact us.


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