Advanced WP Security

Hide My WP Ghost is compatible with most other plugins and themes but sometimes you need an extra tunning to have all the functionality lined up.

Fix Relative URLs

Having all the WordPress common paths changed with the custom ones, it’s important to avoid any relative URL to point to the old paths. We recommend using this feature and change all the HTML URLs into absolute URLs.

To change relative to absolute URLs, switch on Hide My WP > Advanced > Fix Relative URLs

Fix Relative URLs

Fix Sitemap XML

For better Search Engine Optimization we recommend using this feature and change all the images path with the custom ones in sitemap.xml.

Also, Hide My WP Ghost will remove all the Sitemap style added by SEO plugins that reveal their plugins author. The sitemap will show as required by Google and other search engines.

To change the URLs in sitemap.xml, switch on Hide My WP > Advanced > Fix Sitemap XML

Fix Sitemap XML

Fix Robots.txt

This option will remove any path to WordPress common paths that show you’re using a WordPress CMS. Robots.txt will have the minimum requirements for Google Search Engine to index the website.

To activate the Robots.txt filter, switch on Hide My WP > Advanced > Fix Robots.txt

Late Loading

This option will force Hide My WP Ghost to load only after all plugins and theme are loaded.

Some cache plugins need this option to be activated if the paths are not changed in frontend just activate this option.

To activate this feature, switch on Hide My WP > Advanced > Late Loading

Late Loading

Clean Login Page

Some themes hook the login page and redirect users to wp-admin on login. If you change the wp-admin path to a custom path in Hide My WP Ghost, then the wp-admin will be protected and redirect users to home page.

To make sure you are redirected to the new wp-admin path on login, activate this option and disable other hooks to the login page.

Clean Login Page

Optimize CSS and JS files

If this option is activate and Hide My WP Ghost doesn’t detect a cache plugin, it will activate the caching process for the website static files like CSS, JS and Images.

To activate this feature, switch on Hide My WP > Advanced > Optimize CSS and JS files

Optimize CSS and JS files

Redirect Hidden Paths

When the WordPress common paths are changed and hidden, all the calls like /wp-admin and /wp-login are redirected to Front Page by default.

To customize the redirect, just select a new page from Hide My WP > Advanced > Redirect Hidden Paths

Redirect Hidden Paths

Custom Safe URL Parameter

It’s important to have a secure URL when it comes to rollback the settings to default in Hide My WP Ghost.

Customize the safe parameter and make sure you don’t share this information with other people.

To customize the safe parameter, go to Hide My WP > Advanced > Custom Safe URL Param and add a custom name.

Custom Safe URL Parameter

Email Notification

Make sure you get all the changes in Hide My WP Ghost by email.

By activating this option you will receive emails every time the wp-admin or wp-login paths are changed. You will also get the safe URL if you get locked out.

PHP mail support

The email notification doesn’t work for localhost websites or if the server oesn’t have PHP mail support.

ail Notification

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