WordPRess security plugin


with the new

Hide My WP Ghost 6

We’re happy to announce that the new Hide My WP Ghost plugin is here with more features and integrations.

Hide Admin Toolbar – Based on User Roles

Hide the Admin Toolbar for logged users based on User Roles.

hide Admin Toolbar

Hide Admin Toolbar

Hide WordPress Admin Toolbar

Google reCaptcha V3 Login

Use invisible Google reCaptcha V3 on custom login page for more security.

Google reCaptcha V3 Login Page

Google reCaptcha V3 Login Page

Events Log Report

Log events based on user roles. Log Brute Force attacks.

See the Event Log report directly on your WordPress dashboard. Filter events by actions, IP addresses, details, and time.

User Events Log

Events Log Report

Email Alerts

Instant email security alerts when brute force attack are identified.

Set email address based on connected website if you are an agency.

Dashboard Alerts Status

Get the last 30 days Brute Force report & Email Alert report directly on your WordPress dashboard.

Advanced Plugins & Themes Name Customization

Use automatic names or set custom names for all your plugins and themes as desired.

Integration with Cache Plugins

Speed Optimization with all popular cache plugins. Instant page loading using the cache plugins buffer. Change the custom paths in background and eliminate any loading time delay.