[How To] Hide My WP Advanced Text Mapping

Hide My WP Ghost 5.0.12 brings new ways customize or hide the classes from your source code.

Hide Class Name

If you want to completely hide a class use the {blank} pattern to accomplish that.

Random Class Name

If you want to set a random id for a specific class, use the {rand} pattern to accomplish that.

The most common classes used by WordPress and can be detected by theme detectors are those who contain the prefix wp-. Check the website source code and see if you find classes with wp- and add them in the Text Mapping.

Check the frontent every time

Check the frontent to make sure that the class you’re mapping it’s not used by the WordPress Theme.

Demo Text Mapping in Hide My WP Ghost

Here is a list of classes we usually add in Text Mapping for our WordPress websites:

Hiding plugins like Woocommerce and Elementor

Some plugins like Woocommerce and Elementor are build only for WordPress CMS. When their class names are detected in the source-code by the theme detectors, you will receive the information that your website is using WordPress CMS even if all the WP CMS paths are changed and hidden.

We do not recommend it, but, if you want to include classes like woocommerce and elementor in the text mapping, make sure you switch on the option to change the names also in CSS and JS files. This way you avoid JS and Theme Style errors.

NOTE! This option will create dynamic CSS and JS files to be able to run the Text Mapping in all files the static files. This option will significantly slow the loading time so we recommend you to use a cache plugin to optimize the loading speed for your website.

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