We work hard to make Hide My WP Ghost plugin for keeping your website safe using security through obscurity and at the same time to have a fast loading website with good results in Google search.

Most hackers are using bots who access the vulnerable plugins path and inject javascript or SQL to get valuable data from your website. We made sure that Hide My WP Ghost will protect you from these attacks.

Below, there is a list with actions Hide My WP Ghost doesn’t do to prevent functionality errors and slow loading websites:

  • Hide the fonts and images path placed in the CSS files
    Since version 4.2, the plugin changes the paths in CSS files if you use a cache plugin like Autoptimize or Wp-Rocket and combine the CSS.
    Hide My WP Ghost prevents access to Javascript, PHP, styles, images and movie files on core, plugins, and themes.
  • Hide plugin classes that are inserted in the frontend code (the plugins are using the classes for design and functionality)
    It’s not safe but you can use Hide My WP Ghost> URL Mapping by matching feature to change classes names and ids.
  • Hide the admin URLs from the dashboard once you’re logged in as Administrator
    Once you’re logged as wp-admin you don’t need to hide wp-admin. This will assure you’re not get locked out once you deactivate the plugin. 

Even if the plugin can’t hide everything, the plugin does all the required action to keep your website safe from hacker’s bots.
Hide My WP Ghost will protect all the vulnerable plugins and themes by changing and hiding the paths and preventing access to them.
It will also hide the WordPress theme and plugins from the well-known theme detectors.